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This website is designed to be used as a case study for educational purposes and accompanies A Concise Guide to Market Research and Market Research. This website offers background information on Oddjob Airlines that students can use to help write up an introduction to the company.


As the two books focus on market research, it is not surprising that we have a section on this under /Market Research. This section is specifically aimed to illustrate Chapter 4 of both books.

This website is accompanied by On the latter website you can find instructional resources such as a complete set of slides (only available to instructors and educators), additional readings available to all, and code and syntax.






Oddjob Airways - your student airline

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You want to make the night of your flight a day?


The hottest beats and music trends from different countries make you experience the party night of your life. You want to let your creativity run free? In the event area you have the opportunity to go on stage and entertain the crowd with poetry slams, singing, dancing or any other creative performances.

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Are you writing your thesis?


Are you stuck in the middle of the stressful exams and need to spend every minute for your studies?


In our nerd area you are in the right place!



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